Lessons Learned - Summer 2012

Aren't June, July and August the fastest three months of the year?  We've arrived at the end of August after a relatively quiet summer and I feel rather introspective.

How did I spend those golden summer days?  Did I accomplish anything? Have I learned anything?
Last summer I taught myself Fair Isle knitting and knit my first (and, sadly, so far only) pair of pint-sized practice socks. So I'm feeling a lack of tangible accomplishments this summer.  Not everything can be measured visibly; however, so I decided to review what I learned this summer.  This is in lieu of a "What I did on my summer vacation" composition next month.

  • The Lord provides.  Due to some smart home refinancing early this year by my husband, we have the funds to do critically-needed home repairs.  Just when we needed it, interest rates dropped and we benefited.  Is that God or what?
  • Friends are a blessing.  Yes, I know, it's obvious, but this summer I cherished more than ever time spent with friends, old and new. Finally, I'm learning friendship needs to be nurtured, not taken for granted and requires a time investment.  Thanks, gals, for the great breakfasts, coffees, lunches, dinners, phone chats, not to mention baseball games, you've shared with me this summer (uh oh, too many food related outings).  I've felt a little vulnerable the past few months with so many changes in my life, and you all reminded me that friendships are the patches that hold a life together.
  • The Lord provides. (Is the old gal repeating herself?  No, He just provides a lot).  You might know I've been trying to figure out what comes next now that homeschooled tuba guy is a college freshman.  And holy, smokin' Joe, did God provide in a big way.  More about this transition soon!
  • The body of Christ is amazing.  We left our church of ten years at the end of June and were dreading "the church search."  There was a huge surprise waiting for us that we never dreamed would exist.  As we've traveled church by church throughout our community we have been blessed, I tell you, blessed.  We have been spiritually bolstered and encouraged by Godly preaching, been energized by preachers excited by their calling and steeped in the Word of God, enjoyed coming before the Lord with so many other believers in our ethnically diverse area, learned some new worship songs, been hugged by the warmth of beloved hymns, and so much more.
There's more to share, but this post keeps growing and I know y'all are busy and have lots of other blogs to read and I have to try and capture some hours from this day before they evaporate.  It's good to be back at the keyboard and while August is almost over it's still summer because the thermometer is creeping up to 90 degrees today.


  1. Amen! These are the days to pause and review and give thanks ... before we go ricocheting off into fall!

  2. It is like a ricochet, isn't it? Never thought of it that way.