Thanks, Jen!

One of the people I loved meeting during the A to Z Blog Challenge in April was Jen at We're living a full life.  Please take a moment to read about how she named her blog so you can see what a special person she is.  Her posts are full of thought-provoking, interesting and homey touches so they're always a pleasure to read.  I have unending admiration for people who endure the ultimate in tragedy, but continue on with a joyful heart.

Lovely Jen has passed along the Kreativ Blogger Award to me.  She actually did this a couple of weeks ago, but somehow I missed it in the rush that June has been.  
Kreativ+Blogger+Award.png (215×214)

With this award comes a couple of tasks.  I think they exist so that blog readers can get to know the writers of their favorite blogs a little bit better.  So although I feel kind of awkward about doing this, here goes...

 10 Questions About Me

1. What is your favorite song? - (Easy one) Shout by the Isley Brothers 
2. What is your favorite dessert? -  Impossible to pick just one, but anything that doesn't have apples in it
3. What ticks you off? - Bad driving (my own and others) and petty behavior
4. What do you do when you’re upset?  - Sometimes I just get really quiet and sometimes I erupt
5. Which is was your favorite pet? - I don't have any pets (just children)
6. Which do you prefer, black or white? - I love them both.  I decorate with both and wear both 
7.What is your biggest fear?  - Being old and living in poverty
8. What is your attitude mostly? - Pessimistic, but I'd like to change that
9. What is perfection? - The ocean, sunshine and free time to enjoy it with my husband and children
10. What is your guilty pleasure?  - Eating chocolate and reading as much as possible 

10 Things About Me
1.  I'm pretty opinionated.
2.  I love learning how to do new things.
3.  I've never been outside of the U.S. except for Canada (dying to change this fact).
4.  I am hooked on BBC programs.
5.  I like to knit and am teaching myself how to crochet.
6.  I want to be more adventuresome because I think I've missed out on a lot by being afraid to take risks.
7.  My kids taught me to kayak last year and now I'd like my own kayak.
8.  I didn't start drinking coffee until my mid-30s but now I'm hooked (I mainly drink decaf, I know, I'm such a wild woman).
9.  I have become a rabid Doctor Who fan in the last few years.
10. I enjoy words and word play.

The next best part of this is passing it along, and so I would like to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to Lynden at An Elegant Touch.  You epitomize creativity in so many ways.  Now it's your turn to pass it on.

Thank you once again Jen for thinking of me and sharing the Award.


  1. I enjoyed reading all of these... and you are very welcome!

  2. I love getting to know you better, Elizabeth.

  3. Ohmygoodness! Elizabeth, I soooo apologize for having missed this post! I do try to read each one of your posts and of course, this would be one I missed somehow!! ;-(. Thank You for the honor! I will work on the 'requirements' for posting as soon as I can -