Is There a Place at the Table for Me?

When I started reading blogs,  it seemed like they were mainly written by 20- and 30-something year old women.  They were interesting, but I’m past the stage of raising young children, struggling over the problems that the first decade of marriage brings and feeling concern over the loss of identity because of transitioning from professional woman into a SAHM.

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Then I began blogging and tried (and still am trying) to determine who I was going to be as a blogger and what I could bring to the table that would be of value.  I was searching for a community to belong to.

Frustrated, I wondered if there was a place for me.  Was there anyone out there  who read blogs that weren’t about raising children, politics, crafts, travel or cooking?  I enjoyed those blogs too, but I was striving to find my place at the table and find people who could be blessed and helped by what I had to say and were willing to engage in a dialogue.

Transitional-Woman has gone through four phases as I’ve slogged, skipped and slithered along the blogging road.  From a personal blog about my transitions, to a blog about mid-life transitions, to a blog exploring  life transitions experienced by people of all ages and to its current phase as a blog about not only physical life transitions, but transitions of the heart, soul and spirit.

I am slowly finding a community

And while I don't want to only read blogs by people with interests exactly like mine, in my stage of life and near my age (I mean, how boring is that?) it's great to discover there are other bloggers I can identify with.  There are also people of many ages I think I can bless and help with my writing.  And there are people out there willing to share the benefit of their experience.  Slowly, we are finding each other.

Happily, I discovered in the last couple of months that there is a place at the table for me.  So, where's dessert? 


  1. Ah yes, dessert. Now that's a community that I can identify with.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. There are millions of bloggers out there, so we'll definitely find kindred spirits among them:)

    1. You're right. They're out there, it just takes some digging and sifting.

  3. This is such an interesting question. We don't fit in with many of the other bloggers. I've been asking the same questions, what are we supposed to be blogging about? Kind of a mid life, new chapter, not dwelling on memories nor afraid of the future, encouraging others (but not because we have done it all perfectly!). I'll be following to see what you come up with.

    1. I look forward to finding out what you discover as well. I'm not into reminiscing, I know I don't have all the answers, I'm too young to retire and don't want to anyway, but like all the younger bloggers I have thoughts in my heart that I want to share and hopefully bless and encourage others with.

  4. I've been blogging since before blogging was even called blogging - it was weblogs back then and not nearly as user friendly as they are now. I'm still struggling with that fitting in process. Themed blogs such as food, writers, photography, etc. seem to work where ages and stages don't matter much but I just want a general blog and it's hard finding others who are in the same situation I am. In fact I don't know any in my age group who are raising teens, working full time, and still make time for blogging!

  5. We just keep looking Martha and slowly we find and build our community. I mean, we found each other, right?