How do You See the World?

Welcome to 5 Minute Friday.  Today's word - Perspective

For me the word perspective is inextricably tied to world view.  One's perspective about most things is connected to how they view the world.  If you're an avid environmentalist, how you view political decisions, news items and the conversation of others will all be evaluated based on your views on environmentalism.
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I became a Christian when I was 24, so I feel like I possess two world views:  one from before I became a believer and my current view since believing.  But that doesn't mean my perspective has remained stagnant since believing in Christ as my Savior.  World view is one's framework, personal experiences and learning fill in the picture.

Growing and maturing further changes one's perspective.  We learn, we meet more people, we think more deeply as our life marches on and all of this new input adds to our knowledge and alters how we see things.
I know that I prefer the person I became after joining the family of God.  The Spirit of God works within me, refining me and teaching me, expanding my perspective and helping me to understand, love and accept others more than in the past.

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  1. I love this...feel exactly the same way. Beautifully written.