Kindling the Flame or Ode to the Kindle

My heart's on fire for you,
my Kindle Fire.
Never would I dream,
I could love a book,
not made from paper.

My love affair with books
begun so young
has never ceased.
Suddenly, you came along,
turned my head, inflamed my heart.

Was it your color,
your sleek looks,
the weighty feel of you in my hand?
The luxury of never being caught
without a good book?

In truth, I must confess
it is the WiFi that lured me,
tempted me,
caused me to abandon
my long time love.

With you I check my email,
the weather forecast,
interact on Ravelry, Facebook,
Goodreads, Pinterst
with the lightest touch.

I can never abandon you,
my faithful book.
Our history is long,
intense, passionate.
But, we change.

transitions must occur.
We adapt, grow.
We change
and enlarge our lives.

I know, I believe
there is room for two.
You can co-exist,
together in my life,
my Kindle, my book.

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  1. Clever! You had me at 'Kindling...'! ;-} I didn't know they could do all of that! (I'm enjoying your Alphabet Month - hope You are! Glad you enjoyed the eCard - )

  2. I so want to buy a kindle for myself! I've gotten one for each of my grandchildren. They are so darn neat and the kids have been devouring books left and right. The problem; my ability to concentrate for long periods still not returned since the trauma, it makes reading books incredibly difficult.

  3. I too am contemplating an "open marriage" with books and a kindle... you might have kindled into flame a passion for the Fire tho, when I was trying to settle for a basic model... *sigh*

    1. Not to be an enabler or anything, but the Fire is so crisp and clear and I love, love the color aspect.