Embracing the Imperfect

  • Do you trip when you walk across the room?  
  • Are you a failure as a joke teller because you get the story all mixed up?
  • Do you lose track of time because you're so involved in the task at hand?
  • Are you mean and cranky sometimes?
  • Is your hair too long, too short, too thin, too thick, too straight, too curly?

In short, are you imperfect?

We live in a plastic media age where every one seems to live a perfect life.  Everyone except us, of course.

I know people who don't like to look on Facebook very often because everyone else they know seems to be living the perfect life, or so they say.  It is like getting one of "those" Christmas letters every day of the week.

But, we are real, imperfect people, and despite all of our faults and foibles, specifically created to be just who we are.  And we are created by God for a specific purpose, a destiny that only we can fulfill.

Let's embrace that thought instead of dwelling on the lie that everyone else is better than we are, perfect.

It's an exciting concept, the idea of a destiny to fulfill, and I'm not sure if most of us will ever actually know our expressly-created purpose.  Perhaps, it doesn't matter.  We are who we are, living our lives,  hopefully in obedience to God, hopefully trying our best to be the person God created us to be.           Despite our imperfections.

Blogging A to Z Challenge - today's letter is I

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  1. I find the ones who brag up perfection the most on Facebook are the ones who are really falling apart. I have a good friend who was always smiles and sunshine, then her husband cheated on her and they divorced. I now know in her case she need the cover of happiness to get through that dark time.

    1. That is a perspective that wouldn't have occurred to me. Giving grace and compassion makes us better people rather than allowing jealousy of others perceived perfection make us lesser people.

  2. Excellent concept and solution
    Who really is perfect anyway?
    I think the quirks are what make each of us fun to get to know
    God is the Master of everything even creating us imperfect

    1. I like your comment, "I think quirks are what make each of us fun to get to know." That was beautiful.

  3. I think those quirky types of things make me who I am! They make me original and unique! Who wants to be perfect? Perfect would take way to much energy and wouldn't leave all that much time for the joys in life!

  4. I am so imperfect, it's scary. I knew you were writing this post about ME! ha!



    1. I think the Imperfect People Club would have a membership so large that we couldn't find a meeting place. Welcome to the club.

  5. What is strange is that we think we are not perfect. Each of us is special, unique, and perfectly engineered to add a specific kind of gift to the Universe. Is a stalk of bamboo less perfect than an apple tree? Is a hummingbird less perfect than a woodpecker? Is a violet less perfect than an orchid?

    I see lots of shared pain, lots of invective, lots of silliness on Facebook, but all from people who are living the best they can--all are perfect examples of their own kind.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and happy A to Z Challenge!