Runnin' On Empty

Empty is never a word that's associated with good things and happy times.  Our stomachs become empty because we're hungry.  Our gas tanks become empty and we either need to quickly find a gas station or we'll run out of gas.  If our bank account is empty ... that's even worse.

But perhaps the worst empty we experience is an emptiness of spirit, when we feel we have no more resources to draw upon.  An empty spirit for me is usually brought on by a distance between God and me and as always, I'm the one who has pulled back and drawn away.  Why do I ever think I can can be joyful, content and fulfilled if my spiritual gas tank is empty?

Any of us who have been walking through this life with the Lord for a while know what it takes to keep the tank full.  Don't we hear this All the time? Prayer, reading the word, studying the word, hearing the word preached with knowledge and power.  This is fuel for the spiritual tank and really, it's so easy to get the fuel.  But we just keep driving past the refueling stations saying, "Oh I'll just take care of it later," and where do we end up?  Out of gas, our tanks reading Empty.

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  1. Visiting from Gypsy Mama's blog.

    Keep refilling your gas tank =)

  2. thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! you stopped by my blog a couple of Friday's ago, and I didn't get the chance to respond until now! I really appreciate your sweet words :)

    The Lord has really been showing me lately how I allow my shame to block me from Him - to keep me empty! May we all learn to fill up before we hit empty! It's a lot harder to fill up once you're dead on the road :)


  3. I just now read your comment on my post. You are right, our posts are so similar:) I guess great minds think alike!