Grit - A Tale of Sailors and Oysters

Five Minute Friday

Grit is such an odd word, one we don't usually use.  It brings two images to my mind.

First I think of something I once read by Elisabeth Eliot.  She referred to someone as having  a lot of "sand".  By this she meant that the person had a lot of strength of conviction.  They knew what was right and they stuck to it.  I picture a seaman in his nor'wester standing on his ships's deck, legs planted firmly apart, riding out a vicious storm.  This takes courage, grit, "sand".

The second image I have is of an oyster. I was fascinated when I learned that pearls are formed in an oyster because of a piece of grit that gets into it.  The oyster covers the grit with layer upon layer of nacre that it produces until the grit is covered and no longer an irritant.  And that grit-covered nugget becomes a pearl

How magnificent if we could cover the grit in our lives until it is so smoothed over that it produces something of beauty and worth.

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  1. Hard to believe that a thing of beauty can be created from a grain of sand. Can you imagine what beauty our grit and determination can bring into our lives.

    1. I said to my sons the other day that there is no gain without sacrifice. We can surely look to the oyster for our inspiration.

  2. Visiting from Gypsy Mama's page.

    Love the idea of pearls also, great image to focus on. =)

  3. Great idea~I knew there was more to grit than I initially "saw." I also really appreciate your grammar/spelling confession~I try to resist, but sometimes the urge is just too great~