Connectedness is so tied in to the idea of Community that I wrote about earlier this week.  We desire to be connected to the people and world around us and thereby we create communities.

John Donne said, "No man is an island."  We desire to be a part of something and a part of someone.  We are not effective human beings if we are little islands, no matter how tropically beautiful we might be.

God created us to be connected to each other and more importantly to Him.  He created Eve for Adam because he saw Adam's need for companionship.  God created us for Him, because despite how grubby and messed up we are, He desires to spend time with us, to be connected. 

Amazing that the creator of the universe would want to be connected to so many disfunctional sinners.  But He does.  Deep down in our souls we have an aching desire to be connected to Him too.  We just keep losing the way.

Join In!


  1. What a pretty little blog over here :) Gotta love the bookshelves. Just wanted to stop by and say hey and thanks for commenting. Actually I think that line might have been a quote by CS Lewis which had been just floating around in my head, but I don't know. But that's definitely a compliment to be compared to someone whose writing is so deep, he makes a lion feel like God. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and happy Friday ;) Have a great weekend