Color, What Does it Mean to You?

Here's something new to me that I've been meaning to try since I learned about it several weeks ago.  Five Minute Friday involves writing for five minutes, nonstop, just writing on what ever topic the gypsy mama chooses.  Here goes.....

What would the world be like if all we saw were black, white and shades of gray?  Would we think in color or black and white? 

All I can imagine is that it would be like continually living in November on a cold, bleak, rainy day with bare trees.
Color adds so much richness to life.  It makes our food such a pleasure to eat.  It makes gardening the fulfilling and satisfying thing that it is.  It makes dressing so much fun.

How would we describe people?  "Oh, I was talking about the grayish colored person with the grayish color hair."
Color has the ability to control our moods.  Refer back to my November statement.

Well, that was it.  Lot's of thoughts still bubbling in my brain, but boy, those five minutes went fast.


  1. looks like we have some tho'ts in common:) color definitely cheers me up:)

  2. Five minutes does go fast doesn't it? I like your ideas, it's true, colors do affect our moods. Businesses do studies to determine the best color for their business. :) ~Nita

  3. Oh yes, I agree..color adds so much richness to life! Great 5 minutes.

  4. Color is fascinating! It can even seem to affect the moral sense of something; that is always interesting.