Time Doesn't Just March

.....it races!  Almost three weeks since the last post and all kinds of things large and small have been going on.
1.  "The Earthquake."  Can't go anywhere without someone talking about it.  Bigger than any I've ever experienced and I was in California for the Northridge quake in '94.  A 4.5 aftershock woke me up last night.  Just a wee bit scary.
2. "The Hurricane."  After quake talks finishes, hurricane talk starts.  Don't know about anyone else, but I'm praying it heads out into the ocean.
3.  Another funeral.
4.  Daughter Julia safely home from two weeks in Peru.
5.  College classes started so I'm trying to re-adjust my life schedule to accommodate car sharing.
6.  Homeschooling starts next week.  Our last year as our last senior steps up to the plate.
6.  Have pretty much given up on the vegetable garden.  Pulled up the hardly-bearing, dreary looking tomato plants, the green beans which didn't do badly but had that "end of the season" yucky look to them.  Pulled the weeds out of the swiss chard bed.  Bad idea.  All the wild life that has been feasting in our suburban garden re-discovered it and ATE it.
7.  All was not lost.  We are getting a few cucumbers.  It's a good thing we're not depending on the yield of the garden to feed us this year or we'd starve to death by the end of August.
8.  Finished the items for my partner in the county fair swap.  Mailed that baby out today.  Hope you like it Melissa.   I loooved my package from Cindy.

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