You Never Know What a Day Will Bring

Isn't that the truth?  Saturday brought an ant invasion (horror, disgust) and identity theft.  The ant battle continues but we are winning.  The identity theft is my daughter's battle.  Thanks to the smart policies of a wise discount chain, my daughter was able to get a jump on this.
This company called my daughter asking if she had submitted a credit card request, which she had not.  A quick check of her credit history showed this person had applied for eight credit cards over Friday and Saturday.  
My daughter continues to fight this battle as she tries to contact all the companies about the identity theft, the police in the city which this is all occurring and who knows who else.  This thief is making a few mistakes, though, so we are hoping she will be caught.
This process is a lot of work and will continue to be so as Julia will also have to contest all these false entries to her credit history.  
And while these problems cause a lot of anger, frustration, work and aggravation, we thank God it's not worse.

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